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We offer Gymnastics classes to gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders! All classes include an intro warm-up and flexibility component, across the floor work, tumbling stations on certified equipment and end with a quick conditioning circuit.
    Classes are available in 60 minute formats & are offered by age and level:
YOUTH ages 5-11 | TEEN ages 12 & up
    Level 1 Beginner: Skills include- learning core balance and control, back bridges, front/back rolls,handstands, cartwheels and round-offs
    Level 1 Intermediate: Skills include- Must be able to do a standing back bridge,handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and front/back walkovers
    Level 2 Beginner: Athletes who are still working walkovers, but who also want an intro to flipping via front and back handsprings.
    Level 2: Skills include- Review of Level 1 skills and: standing/running front/backhandsprings (must be able to perform all level 1 skills)
    Level 3: Skills include- Maintenance of Level 2 skills and: running front/back tucks, connected backhandsprings
    Level 4: Skills include- Maintenance of Level 3 skills and: standing front/back tucks, standing handsprings to layout, whips and running layouts
    Level 5: Skills include- Maintenance of Level 4 skills and: standing fulls, standing handsprings to full, arabians and running fulls/doubles

What are they saying?

This means the world to me. I am so happy to be on your team and will work my butt off this year and ever other year. Thank you so so much!!

- M. Engstrom -

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