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Everyone in our community now has the opportunity to attend our gym and take part in the fun! Pre-registration is required to attend all classes.


We offer 3 types of summer camps this year:

Full-Day Camps | 2.5 hr Gymnastics Camps | 2.5 hr Elite Gymnastics Camps

Full week or single day options available!

Full-Day Recreational Camp: This week long camp includes warm-up, games, crafts, acrobatic movement, dance and teamwork. Boys and girls between the ages of 5-12 years old will LOVE playing around on our trampolines.

Gymnastics Camp: 2.5 hours every day to focus on gymnastics, body strength and flexibility for levels 1-2. Beginners are welcome! Ages 5-18 years

Elite Gymnastics Camp: Athletes working on level 3 + skills are encouraged to attend this camp to maintain and gain new skills for the remainder of the competitive season. Non-members are welcome but must already have a backhandspring. Ages 5-18 years

What are they saying?

I wanted to take a moment to thank you All for what you have given my daughter. She has been bullied at school since grade one and the ripple effect still lives on in grade 5 effecting her self worth. With your kindness and family team spirit you have given her a feeling of belonging. A feeling of fitting in and helping her grow with her self worth/confidence. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, patience and support you offer your "family" team members. What you do for our children is beyond winning first place tonight. Thank you to all the coaches, Sonja and the team for giving my daughter this feeling of belonging.

- S. Andersen -

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