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All gymnastics classes include a warm-up/flexibility component, across the floor work, tumbling stations on certified equipment and end with conditioning.
    Classes are available in 60 and 90 minute formats & are offered by age and skill:
ages 3-5 Tiny TumblersAges 6-11 FUNdamentals Ages 9 & up Handsprings, Tucks, Layouts, World’s Calibre, Specialties

    Basic FUNdamentals (formerly level 1 B) This class will teach your child the basic building blocks of gymnastics with a focus on quality and fun. This class does not require any previous knowledge. Skills taught: Forward/backward rolls, Cartwheels, backbends (bridge) as well as strength building, coordination and body awareness.

    Advanced FUNdamentals (formerly level 1 INTER ) This class requires children to have previously mastered (in a gymnastics setting) the following skills prior to registering: Cartwheel, forward roll, backward roll down a slope, bridge (backbend) on the floor. Skills taught: Roundoffs, front and back walkovers, getting comfortable jumping and falling backwards.

    Handsprings: (formerly Level 2) This class is catered to working on front and backhandsprings, from a running or standing entry, as well as step-outs and other intermediate connected passes

    Acro Gymnastics: This class is catered to dancers, acrobats and gymnasts who want to learn acro lifts, aerial cartwheels, side semis, axel spins and more!

    Parkour: This class is catered to kids of ALL AGES who will learn the essentials needed to begin parkour. Jump, land, roll, vault, and flip over equipment in a safe environment! No experience required!

    Tucks/Layouts: (formerly Level 3/4) In this class athletes will work on front tucks, standing backs tucks or backtuck and layouts from a roundoff or handspring entry. Along with connected elite tumbling passes

    Specialties: (NEW!) The perfect “ADD-ON” Class – available by DROP-IN only.. athletes at ANY LEVEL can attend to work on routine specific passes!

    World’s Calibre: (formerly Level 5) Perfect for athletes who want to earn a spot, or are currently training on a World’s team! Skills include: Maintenance of super advanced skills and learning how to improve: standing fulls, standing handsprings to full, arabians and running fulls/doubles

What are they saying?

I wanted to take a moment to thank you All for what you have given my daughter. She has been bullied at school since grade one and the ripple effect still lives on in grade 5 effecting her self worth. With your kindness and family team spirit you have given her a feeling of belonging. A feeling of fitting in and helping her grow with her self worth/confidence. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, patience and support you offer your "family" team members. What you do for our children is beyond winning first place tonight. Thank you to all the coaches, Sonja and the team for giving my daughter this feeling of belonging.

- S. Andersen -

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