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All 60 and 90 minute gymnastics classes include a warm-up/flexibility component, across the floor work, tumbling stations on certified equipment
    ages 3-5 Tiny Tumblers Ages 6-11 FUNdamentals, Acro Ages 9 & up Handsprings, Tucks, Layouts, World’s Calibre, Specialties

Basic FUNdamentals This class will teach your child the basic building blocks of gymnastics with a focus on quality and fun. This class does not require any previous knowledge. Skills taught: Forward/backward rolls, Cartwheels, backbends (bridge) as well as strength building, coordination and body awareness.

Advanced FUNdamentals This class requires children to have previously mastered (in a gymnastics setting) the following skills prior to registering: Cartwheel, forward roll, backward roll down a slope, bridge (backbend) on the floor. Skills taught: Roundoffs, front and back walkovers, getting comfortable jumping and falling backwards.

Handsprings: This class is catered to working on front and backhandsprings, from a running or standing entry, as well as step-outs and other intermediate connected passes

Acro Gymnastics: This class is catered to dancers, acrobats and gymnasts who want to learn acro lifts, aerial cartwheels, side semis, axel spins and more!

Parkour: This class is catered to kids of ALL AGES who will learn the essentials needed to begin parkour. Jump, land, roll, vault, and flip over equipment in a safe environment! No experience required!

Tucks/Layouts: In this class athletes will work on front tucks, standing backs tucks or backtuck and layouts from a roundoff or handspring entry. Along with connected elite tumbling passes

Specialties: (NEW!) The perfect “ADD-ON” Class – available by DROP-IN only.. athletes at ANY LEVEL can attend to work on routine specific passes!

World’s Calibre: Skills include: Maintenance of super advanced skills and learning how to improve: standing fulls, standing handsprings to full, arabians and running fulls/doubles

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